Insecurity Lives Here…

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Throughout our lives, we experience insecurity; the uncertainty, the vulnerability, and doubt.  Insecurity Lives Here… an ongoing series explores the different areas, moments and emotions where insecurity lies.

The inspiration for this series came about from my own introspection and being honest with myself. Which meant acknowledging and sitting with my insecurities, their impact on my life, relationships, how I move through the world and realizing how insecurities can arise from anywhere.

The five images are Insecurity Lives Here….In Friendship, In Jealousy, In Curiosity, In the In-between, and In Groupthink. Future pieces include; In Acceptance, In Pain, In Sadness, In Joy, In Conversation, In Love, In Waiting, and In Fear. Utilizing non-distinctive human figures to illustrate that the figure in the pieces can be anyone including the viewer. The colors used are ones that I believe represent the different emotions and moments where insecurity lives. Showing that as people we do wear our emotions and what we are going through on our faces, in our body language and in how we carry ourselves.

I believe that sharing these moments will give us the opportunity and for better understanding each other. To show that we are not alone, help us to be more mindful in how we interact with one another.