Are You Doing Your Best Work?

Inspiration for this piece comes from a recent conversation, where someone quoted Malcolm X about doing your best work. And with the quickness, I immediately asked myself, ‘am I doing my best work?’ Doing my best in all that I am doing; life, decisions, projects, art, and designs, etc. The clear and resounding answer that came from within was no. I am not doing my best work on a consistent and consecutive basis.
So I ask the question to you, are you doing your best work? Regardless of the answer, in what way are you or aren’t you doing so? Where are the areas of improvement? What are the roadblocks or distractions that you succumb to? How do you feel about your answer?
Personally, for me, there was disappointment and frustration with myself, that I had to sit with for a moment. Then after came the excitement of the unlimited possibilities and ideas in the pursuit of doing my best work.

Medium: Pencil, Fabre-Castell Ink Brushes, Wood