Tidbits of Encouragement: Your Path To Tread

Even though we want to, it is not for us to bring everyone along with us on our journey, because they have their path to walk.

This is something that I’m currently experiencing. I had to realize that my journey and growth is mine and mine alone. It means that the people I surround myself with aren’t at my center and, I should not place them there. But this doesn’t mean that we aren’t contributing to one another’s growth. Everyone has a role to play in one another’s lives, no matter how big, small, or nonexistent it may seem.

Mellow Reminder: Remember that you can't take everyone with you and that's okay. Be present in the moment with those around you and enjoy it.

Turning Inward:

Take some time throughout the day, week, month, and year, to reflect on how your journey’s been going. How has it impacted you? What have you noticed? Are you trying to bring everyone along with you? Are you intentionally trying to have other people experience self-growth as you did?