Why Are You Wearing? Jason

  • In Caption: "I am not my shoes...or in this case, crocs." Image: Up close picture of Jason without his glasses, wearing a black jacket and white button up long-sleeve shirt.
  • In Caption: " Some people tend to also equate certain brands with whiteness, even if that is the case in certain fashion circles, I'm going against the grain." Image: Jason is sitting on a black bench, posing with his right leg crossed over the other. He is wearing a plaid sports jacket that is dark blue and dark purple, with a white button up long-sleeve shirt. He is wearing navy slacks with hot pink socks with dark blue polka dots with dark brown/maroon brogues. On his right wrist is an orange wristband and on the left is a black wristband. He isn't wearing his glasses and his beard and gotee have been shaped up. For his hair, he has a fresh line up with the top of his hair curly.
  • In Caption: "It's all intentional. Certain words are just going to evoke certain reactions...I feel that authors are really intentional with that." Image: Jason is wearing a navy blue zipup jacket that is unzipped. He is wearing a red checkered or plaif shirt, with blue jeans and brown cole haan shoes. He is wearing a brown leather backpack. In his hands is a book he was reading on the train. On his face he is wearing his glasses. His hair is natural and he is showing off his beard & gotee combo.
  • In Caption: "I'm just embracing my curls and embracing who I am." Image: Upclose picture of Jason wearing his glasses, a light grey scarf, black jacket, a black shirt with white stripes, and brown leather backpack. In his ears are black earbuds. He is embracing his natural curls, the sides of his head are tapered and the top is curly.
  • In Caption: "I started to ask myself, 'why am I wearing socks? Besides, like, in the winter when its really cold and you should cover the soles of your feet. And what happens when I'm washing socks? Or when I'm wearing socks.'" Image: Jason appearing deep in thought, while looking up into the sky. Wearing a light grey infinity scarf, brown leather backpack, with a navy blue short sleeve top with light blue paisely pattern, blue jeans and beige cole haan shoes, with a black wristband
  • In Caption: " If you wanna rock it, rock it!" Image: Jason in the ocean kicking his right leg up playfully. While wearing a black short sleeve top and a black, white and grey patterened swimtrunks and a red wristband.
  • In Caption: "Sometimes, you want your calves to be out. Maybe you want your calves to get some more air, so why not?" Image: Jason in the ocean with a backpack, wearing a black short sleeve top and a black, white and grey patterened swimtrunks and a red wristband
In Caption: Impact of Black Panther "With Black Panther, it was such a powerful film, but not because it was just like, you had a predominately black cast, but it was also the fact that, they were showcasing and giving African-centered , African hair styles and really rockin' it in a mainstream way, where its like that whole notion of having nappy hair, like people are embracing their curls…"
In Caption: On Being Intentional In How One Presents Themselves, "Sometimes you don’t have a choice but to be intentional, because a lot of black folks don’t get taken seriously or their voice in America isn’t taken very serious or when black people say that they are in pain and what not, its not taken with the same level of degree, so I'm really intentional."
In Caption: Continued thoughts about socks "I'm not going to just feed into this sock market… But in certain situations, rocking socks can be the contrast that you need in your outfit. Or rocking a certain pair of socks can allow you to actually allow you to further enhance your outfit. Because if I'm just wearing blue and white, but if I get some socks that are pink and blue, maybe if I have like sort of a scarf, maybe I can like rock a pink scarf or have a pink handkerchief. So it opens up this huge chamber of secrets."
In Caption: On Shopping "Cost, versatility, and timeliness are factors that go into any purchase. If I buy these pants or if I buy this shirt, will it be a shirt that I will have no qualms with wearing , will it be completely out of season?... Is it going to last you for a year? Is it going to last you two years?

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