Digital Contemplative Zone

Remnant Design Co. is divided into 5 areas; Design, iS, Co., … (Ellipsis) and Publications. The Contemplative Zone is a subarea under iS (Interactive Space), and the original purpose of this zone is to be a physical space, where visitors have the opportunity of silence,  meditation,  and introspection.

But as we navigate these times, we know that it is crucial to be agile and evolve. So, I thought that it would be good to bring this space digitally, to encourage, motivate, and support contemplation, introspection, silence, rest, and rejuvenation, during these times of social distancing.

The Digital Contemplative Zone includes curated;

book recommendations
inspirational art
mindful apps
music playlists to incite calm and reassurance
list of guided meditations
nature visualizations coming soon