At A Glance

Black woman modeling a black and grey duster type of clothing while leaning against a cement wall with trees in the background.
Wardrobe Upcycling
Remnant Design Co.
An abstract portrait of a black woman with black tears running down her face. The portrait and tears are made from using reptitive circles in different sizes, weights and creating patterns within the piece.
Inside the Pages of My Sketchbook
Mindmap using circles and text to show the thought process, with quotes from interviewee and a picture of the interviewee in a hexagon.
Why Are You Wearing?
Landscape photo of mountains in Montana.
Landscape Photography
Logo of multimedia project Tidbits of Encouragement. Logo consist of two circles, one in the front that is a teal color and the circle beind it creates the illusion of a shadow.
Tidbits of Encouragement
Black In…
Logo of the multimedia project Moments of Insecuity. In the center is MoI, the acryonym of Moments of Insecurity and underneath it is Moments of Insecuity spelled out. To the left of the words are three overlapping circles in the form of a circular triangle that are different tints and shades of green.
Moments of Insecurity (MoI)
Logo for audio series In Conversation W/. In the lower center of the logo is the wording In Conversation W/... done in an font where the Ns, Vs, As, Rs, Ws and Es have lines at the bottom of the letters or above the letters. Above the title of the series is a circle that is made of slanted thin lines and the background of the logo is a light tea color.
In Conversation W/…
Sidebar Conversations