Remnant Publications

A digital publication with a focus on local happenings, interviews with artists and creatives and is also the home of the following projects, Why Are You Wearing and Black In. While making Remnant’s events and talks, accessible for viewing online, and produces a curated newsletter to assist in the education of our customers and community.

Logo for audio series In Conversation W/. In the lower center of the logo is the wording In Conversation W/... done in an font where the Ns, Vs, As, Rs, Ws and Es have lines at the bottom of the letters or above the letters. Above the title of the series is a circle that is made of slanted thin lines and the background of the logo is a light tea color.
In Conversation W/…
Logo of multimedia project Tidbits of Encouragement. Logo consist of two circles, one in the front that is a teal color and the circle beind it creates the illusion of a shadow.
Tidbits of Encouragement